Neuropathy Oil roller ball


The herbs and essential oils used work in different ways to block nerve signals and relieve pain. Roll Blessed Creek’s Neuropathy rollerball directly on an area of skin that hurts. Rollerballs are a clean, easy, and effective way to administer herbs.


Neuropathy Rollerball Herbal  Therapy

The herbs Calendula flowers, Ginger root, and Marshmallow root are infused into sesame and jojoba oils and are the base of this formula.  Added is a proprietary blend of essential oils consisting of Eucalyptus leaves, Peppermint leaves, Geranium leaves, and flowers. Rosemary leaves, Birch Bark, Cinnamon bark, Bergamot leaves, Lemon peel, Myrrh resin, and Nutmeg seed. 2.6 ounces.