Jeanie Wild, Esthetician & Herbalist

I started making soap in the 70’s as a hobby by rendering fat and making lye from wood ash. I would pour the questionable result into a cardboard box, place rose buds in it, and… though it cleaned and did what it needed to do, it was drying and not at all luxurious like the soap of today.

Things have certainly changed. I am now an advanced esthetician, nutritional therapy practitioner, chandler and herbalist.

Combined with lots of product making experience and formal education I now very much control the end result of the soap with different, and sometimes exotic oil combinations, real lye, herbs, seeds and other ingredients. I love trying new formulas and playing with new modalities, adding a touch of this and a pinch of that. I infuse healing plants into the oils and just have the best time being a mad soap scientist. I anxiously await making the first cut into the bars to discover the end texture, scent, and finally the feel and sudsing properties. I also impatiently wait the 8 weeks it takes for a full cure so I can present to you a nice hard, long lasting bar of soap.

My soap is lovingly (yeah, It really is) made in small batches with both the the cold process and hot process soap making method. My soaps are chemical free and made with quality oils. Most of the oils are vegan as they are plant based, and many are organic. I offer unique soaps containing beer, wine, coconut milk and or course, goat milk.

Be sure to check out the soap nuts, home cleaners, deodorants, and other products on this site. I am very conscientious about the safety of cleaning products on our bodies as well as in the environment. You will not be disappointed.

Note: I only use Palm oil that is RSPO approved. I would feel horrible if my products were in some way contributing to deforestation and it’s consequences

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