Refund and Returns Policy

Getting Natural Bar and Organic Soaps to You

Order from online store and use your credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
If you would prefer to use a money order you can send your payment to: 

We can only ship to addresses within the continental United States.

Orders will be shipped within 3 business days of receiving payment. 

​Will ship flat rate unless otherwise requested. I have found it generally  the most reasonable and the quickest. If you prefer another way that might be less expensive like the the slow boat, let me know when you order and I will take care of it.  If I find shipping is cheaper than you paid, I will also immediately refund the difference via PayPal. I hate to pay shipping and I know most people do too, especially when you live close by.

FREE Shipping on all orders over $100. 

Refunds & Replacements

Let’s talk.
​Not that it has ever happened before,  but should you have an issue with the soap or products, please contact me and let me know what is going on. I will  refund, replace or credit any product, less shipping charges, if you are less than 100% satisfied.

I do not promise laundry products to remove all stains. I know from first hand experience that if you spill motor oil all over your jeans it will only take out about 65-70 percent of it! 

If you get soap in your eyes, IT WILL HURT. ​


Contact us for questions related to refunds and returns.