Heel Stick




This convenient heel moisturizer contains infused oils of Plantain and Comfrey Spilanthes Pine Balm of Gilead Hemp and Beeswax. Plantain is a local wild plant that is beyond supportive in healing any skin afflictions. Comfrey is a superstar in curing skin ailments and has been used for centuries for broken bones sprained tendons and torn ligaments. Caution: DO NOT use Comfrey on deep wounds as it heals so fast from the top in where you need deep wounds and surgeries to heal from the inside out. Once the healing process has begun and is close to the surface feel free to use it at will . Topically Spilanthes is used as an antiseptic antibacterial and antifungal and pine addresses skin infections and lessens joint inflammation in arthritic conditions. Balm of Gilead quickly clears up skin infections or irritations and even eliminates the appearance of scars and blemishes. For insect bites it can be rubbed on the affected area for rapid healing and pain relief. Hemp puts the formula on steroids and local beeswax holds it all together. I package Heel Stick in a screw-up container for your ease.

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Weight 4 oz