Comfrey Salve Healing Balm


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Comfrey is one amazing and unbeatable plant in the healing community. This is well renowned for healing wounds, bruises, and bones. It is made from Comfrey leaves infused in olive oil and tightened up with local beeswax. It’s simple and powerful. Apply on a consistent basis. Caution, not to be used on deep punctures and infected wounds. Let the infection subside, and the skin heals over deep wounds then go to town with it. Comfrey, like Plantain, heals quickly from the top down. You want to heal from the bottom up. So while it’s amazing, be patient and do it the correct way. Also if used for broken bones, it is wise to be sure they are set correctly before applying. Again, this supports the body with healing and it happent faster than not using it.

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