Jewelweed Bar Soap




The first thing you need to know about poison ivy and poison oak is to recognize it and the second is to avoid it. If you get yourself into  trouble anyway do not touch or rub or scratch or panic..Jewelweed is a commonly known remedy for the relief of these irritating plants. As the universe would have it Jewelweed happens to grow near Poison Ivy… How Ironic another example in life of the cure being in front of the cause if you only look. I gather the plants  infuse the stalks leaves and flowers in olive oil… and make soap with the end product.. You want to wash your hands first then the affected area using cold water…to close the pores. This is also an anti itch bar. I never did get poison ivy so I have to rely on others to share their experiences with me and the response is an overwhelming YES! it works. . And when they come back for more.. you know you have a good thing. I use it it and I like a bar soap for every day purposes.. It is made with the oils of olive palm and coconut.

Cruelty Free, Non-GMO, Natural Color

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Weight 4 oz